NextGen NP-F 9200HT is a thermosetting High Service Temperature Fusion Bonded Epoxy Powder designed for both as stand-alone FBE coatings and also as anti-corrosion primary layer in multi layer pipe coating system.

NP-F 9200HT normally applied in the temperature range 230°C to 250°C up to 500 microns as a stand-alone anti corrosion coating, higher thickness can be applied for concrete weight coatings. It can be applied at lower temperature 205°C to 230°C when used as primer in three layer systems.

NP-F 9200HT high temperature FBE differ from normal FBE only in its performance to high temperature conditions; however the remaining properties like gel time, cure schedule, impact, flexibility remains same. NP-F 9200HT coatings give excellent CD test results and in hot water adhesion test it retains maximum adhesion to the steel substrate as compared to the normal FBE coatings. The applications parameters, transportations, installations are also same as for as standalone coatings are concern so there are no special precautions for High Tg FBE coatings. However the damage risk reduces in multilayer system.

NextGen NP-F 9200 series available in following types:

  • NP-F 9200HT – For stand-alone & multi layer coatings with Tg 120°C - 130°C. (Technical Data)
  • NP-F 9201HT – For stand-alone & multi layer coatings with Tg 140°C - 150°C.
  • NP-F 9202HT – For Multi layer coatings with Tg 150°C - 160°C.

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