National Paints MX Series is an Epoxy Polyester Hybrid powder coating System. This special polymeric combination provides decorative and protective coating with excellent over bake resistance. National Paints MX Series Powders are available in a variety of colors as per RAL Card, custom made shades in Glossy, Semi Glossy and Matt finishes. Other patterns like Sand Texture, Course Texture, Hammer Tone & Metallic Finishes are also available.


  • National Paints MX Series designed for interior use.
  • MX Series offering full range of colours with different gloss levels
  • MX Series available with fine and heavy texture patterns.
  • Different Colours and surface finishes can be custom matched as per customer requirements.
  • Good chemical resistance and mechanical performance.
  • MX Series offer improved heat stability compared to pure epoxy powder coating.


Particle size
Specific gravity
Curing schedule
Shelf life
Suitable for electrostatic spraying
1.20 - 1.70
200 ˚C / 10Min & 180 ˚C / 12Min (metal temp.)
Dry ventilation conditions below 33˚C


National Paints MX series is recommended for interior application only. It’s available in variety of colors, finishes and gloss levels. The main application areas for MX series are Domestic Appliances, Indoor Metal Furniture and Fixtures, Lighting frames and other miscellaneous items having indoor usage.

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