National Paint Zincoprim is a thermosetting powder coating based on specially selected Epoxy resins and cross linking agents providing excellent decorative and functional properties.  ZincoPrim is epoxy-based zinc rich powder coating designed to be used as a primer coat on phosphated or blast-cleaned steel objects and structures. 

Zincoprim provides excellent resistance to corrosion, outstanding mechanical properties and inter-coat adhesion, and very good degassing properties along with excellent edge coverage and flow. Suitable top coat products are NP MX Series for interior applications, and NP PA1000 & PS2000 Series for exterior durable applications.


  •       ZincoPrim designed as primer to give optimum adhesion and good intercoat adhesion.
  •       Excellent corrosion protection & chemical resistance.
  •       High mechanical performance.


  • Chemistry
  • Particle size
  • Specific gravity
  • Curing schedule
  • Storage
  • Shelf life
Suitable for electrostatic spraying
3.10 +- 0.1
200 ˚C / 6Min & 180 ˚C / 10Min (metal temp.)
Dry ventilation conditions below 30˚C


Technical Data

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