The New Horizons in Functional coating technology have really enabled the availabilities of improved range of coating materials and systems to fulfill the pipeline coating requirements. The new technologies have widened the application window of FBE coatings and improved the operating temperature range. High Glass Transition State Coatings demonstrate excellent adhesion and mechanical performances consequently expanding the range of field conditions and pipeline operating temperatures. The excellent properties enable it to be applied as a standalone FBE coating, as a dual-layer FBE coating system, and as a primer for 3-layer polypropylene coatings. Similarly the advancements in dual layer technology of FBE coating allow both applicators and end users to execute the performance and economics. The two FBE powders are sprayed from a single spray booth resulting a high performance coating film having excellent adhesion to the steel and a tougher outer surface to protect it from mechanical damages.

National Paint offering a wide range of Fusion Bonded Epoxy coatings as National NextGen Series. It is available in single, dual, and multi layer system. NextGen series is developed to provide maximum corrosion protection for external and internal pipe coatings. Our complete range of FBE coatings offers ultimate protection of pipe coating & rebar coating. When choosing National Paint as your preferred supplier, it’s our mission to be recognized as an innovative FBE manufacturer, committed to providing products and services of the highest quality which meet and delight the needs of our customers. National Paint Powder Coating, we have latest machinery and well equipped lab. Well experienced, dedicated, and hard working professional R&D team is a key of our success. As a professional Fusion Bonded Epoxy manufacturer, offering effective FBE coating solutions for a wide range of applications includes pipeline external & internal coatings, and rebar coating.

National NextGen Fusion Bonded Epoxy products are designed for anti-corrosion coatings for the protection of steel surface. National Paints offers a comprehensive range of FBE products for pipeline, valves & fittings, and rebar coating backed with full technical sales support services.

- Fusion Bonded Epoxy for Rebar coating

  • Fast Gel FBE for high speed coating line application
  • Highly flexible FBE for wire mesh coating

-  Stand-Alone Fusion Bonded Epoxy for external coating of steel pipes, tubes, casings, fittings etc. It’s available in three different Gel Versions.

  • Fast Gel time FBE coating for shorter diameter pipes
  • Standard Gel time FBE coating for medium diameter pipes
  • Long gel FBE coatings for larger diameter pipes.

-  Fusion Bonded Epoxy Primer for 3-layer polyethylene coatings.

-  Low Application Temperature (LAT) Fusion Bonded Epoxy to save energy, to increase the coating line speed, and to protect the steel properties.

  •  Single layer low application temperature well below 200°C.
  •  Low Application temperature FBE in 3-layer Polyethylene system down to 160°C.

-  Double Layer Fusion Bonded Epoxy Technology

  • External tougher abrasion resistant top coat (ARO) layer for mechanical protection
  • Anti-slip rough top coat for concrete weight coating
  • Exterior durable UV stable top coat.

-  High Glass Transition State FBE coatings for high service temperature conditions.

  • High Tg Single Layer FBE coatings 125°C
  • High Tg FBE coatings for 3-layer polypropylene coatings.

-  Fusion Bonded Epoxy for internal pipe coating

  • Standard FBE for internal coatings with and without Phenolic Primer.
  • Extra flow & chemical resistance internal coatings.
  • High Tg internal coatings for high service temperature conditions.

-  Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coatings for use in contact with drinking water as per BS6920 Cold and Hot water testing (85°C) and approved by WRAS group.


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