We National Paints are a leading Paints & Powder Coatings manufacturing company in the Middle East region. National Paint were established in the year 1969 in Jordan and started operation in UAE in 1977, and is in powder coating business since 2001. The company owns six powder production plants worldwide in five different countries. In addition to the presence in these countries National Paints also exports to several other countries in the MENA region. National Paint’s Powder Coating segment has done numerous great achievements in last couple of years. That includes starting of new manufacturing units, capacity upgradations, and introduction of new technologies such as functional coatings for pipe and rebar coatings, similarly super durable architectural powders for Aluminium Industry backed with Qualicoat approvals of Class-1 and Class-2.

National Paint’s powder business increasing rapidly, leading us to transform the structure of our manufacturing capabilities, as well as investing in the re-development of our current sites, setting up of new site in Abu Dhabi along with starting operation of powder manufacturing KSA site compliance with high quality standards. National Paints Powder Coating has been upgraded with latest machinery and well equipped research lab. Well experienced, dedicated, and hardworking R&D professionals is a key of our success. As a professional powder coating manufacturer, offering effective powder coating solutions for a wide range of applications, including appliances, architectural, functional, automotive, and general industry market. As a forward thinking company who prides itself on the strength of our R&D capabilities and in recent times, we have successfully introduced a number of Fusion Bonded Epoxy products, specifically designed for the pipe and rebar coating industries. These New Horizons in National Paint’s Powder coating technology have really enabled the availabilities of improved range of coating materials and systems to fulfill the market requirements. The new technologies have increased the product portfolio to compete with the regional commercial benchmarks. In the coming times, National Paint targeting to be recognized globally as a leading and sustainable manufacturer of powder coatings products. Our aim is to stick to the highest quality standards with consistency and innovations.