NextGen NP-F 9400 Low Application Temperature (LAT) FBE Series for Stand-Alone & for Multi-Layer System.

To achieve excellent performances the standard FBE powders are normally applied at temperatures in excess of 230°C for single layer systems and 200°C for three layer systems. In order to obtain high melt flow and optimal wetting of the steel substrate generally higher temperatures are preferred. But the high strength steel pipes cannot withstand pre-heat temperatures in excess of 200°C. It results in the degradation of some of the key properties of these high strength steel.

National Paints introduces NextGen NP-F 9400 Low Application Temperature (LAT) series to overcome this problem. NP-F 9400 Series can be used as single layer stand-alone coatings, and can also be used as primer in multi layer system. NP-F 9400 normally applied in the temperature range 180°C to 200°C as a stand-alone anti corrosion coating, NP-F 9400 is extremely reactive and can be applied at higher rate in 3-layer system in the temperature range 160°C to 180°C.

NP-F 9400LAT series enables the applicators to achieve the same melt viscosity, flow and wetting of the steel substrate with controlled reactivity at much lower temperatures. There are some exceptional achievements in energy saving point of view and to preserve the metallurgy of high grade steels. The new technology enables to coat pipe well below 200°C. Stand alone coatings can be applied down to 180°C while in 3-layer system it can be even lower down to 160°C. NP-F 9400LAT achieves the same performance of a standard FBE coating at almost 50°C to 60°C lower application temperature without affecting the operating efficiency

NP-F 9400LAT – Low Application Temperature FBE Technical Data Sheet. (Technical Data)

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