Standalone FBE and 3-Layer PE coatings are the most commonly used pipeline coatings in the world. But from the last few years, double Layer FBE coatings are more likely to be use now because of its combine properties of both of standalone and 3-layer coatings that is anti corrosive properties and the low-cost economics of FBE with mechanical properties approaching that of 3-Layer PE and PP coatings. Due to combination of various properties, especially the ease of handling & application, excellent adhesion to the steel, high abrasion resistance properties, gouge resistance, penetration resistance, good impact, flexibility, anti-slip, high service temperature performance and good chemical resistance properties have really make it an ideal choice as a protective coating.

National Paints introducing NextGen NP-F 9300 Dual Layer (DL) series including a variety of products such as abrasion resistant top-coat commonly known as ARO, Anti-slip rough coating, UV resistance coating, and an extra flexible outer coating.

NP-F 9300DL is thermosetting Fusion Bonded Epoxy coatings designed as a top coat, It is used to protect the primary corrosion protection layer. NP-F 9100 series & NP-F 9200 high Tg series, both can be used as a primary layer prior to the application of top coat.

NP-F 9300DL normally applied in the temperature range 230°C to 250°C immediately after the primary layer from the same spray booth. It increases the anti- corrosive properties of the primary layer and protects it from the all possible damages.

NextGen NP-F 9300 series available in following types:

  • NP-F 9300DL – External tougher abrasion resistant (ARO) for mechanical protection. (Technical Data)
  • NP-F 9301DL – Anti slip top coat for concrete weight coating & to facilitate during installations.
  • NP-F 9302DL – Exterior durable UV stable outer coat.
  • NP-F 9303DL – Extra flexible outer coat.

Amongst all four dual layer types ARO is the most famous commonly used top coat. It is in use from last few years because of its extra mechanical properties which are more useful during pipe laying, handling, backfill and horizontal drilling. NP-F 9300DL increases the abrasion resistance and gouge resistance. The primary layer provides an excellent adhesion and corrosion-resistance properties. Applications of NP-F 9300DL FBE is same as of single layer, the surface is first cleaned and grit blasted to get a proper anchor pattern to enhance adhesion, then the pipe is heated to the required application temperature, NP-F 9100 Series used as primary layer. The last set of guns sprays the NP-F 9300DL immediately after the primary layer. The second layer is applied during the melting stage of the first layer, in order to get the proper chemical bond between the two Fusion Bonded Epoxy layers.

NP-F 9300DL enhances the mechanical protection offered by the primary layer and an excellent way to provide damage resistance in harsh environments. Especially during the backfill operation, the most demanding mechanical forces are placed on the coating. During this stage the coating is subjected to many impacts from falling stones as the trench is filled and the pipe buried. The key towards these superior properties of NP-F 9300DL Epoxy Coating System is its formulation and especially selected raw materials in the second layer.

Similarly the other types of double layer coating system;

NP-F 9301DL -- Anti slip rough coat prevents the slipping during the concrete weight coating applications. It’s rough surface increases the bond strength between the FBE and the concrete.
NP-F 9302DL -- UV resistant topcoat protects the primary FBE layer from sunlight and prevents the polymer degradations.
Similarly NP-F 9303DL -- extra flexible outer coat provides good flexibility in high film thickness and ensures an excellent flexibility during field bending.

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