NextGen 9100 Series can be used as single layer stand-alone coatings, and can also be used as primer in dual and 3-layer system. NP-F 9100SG normally applied in the temperature range 230°C to 250°C up to 500 microns as a stand-alone anti corrosion coating, higher thickness can be applied for concrete weight coatings. It can be applied at lower temperature 205°C to 230°C when used as primer in three layer systems. The powder cures with residual heat from the metal and provides optimal adhesion to hot melt adhesives. It is applied to preheated steel as a dry powder, which melts and cures to a uniform protective coating. NP-F 9100 series have very good adhesion to the metal surface and provide long term mechanical and chemical resistance at various operational temperatures. It has High mechanical impact strength and penetration resistance, very low permeability to water vapors and gases, superior resistance to cathodic disbondment and outstanding dielectric properties. It can be applied in a wide range of film thicknesses to various diameter line pipes.

Operating Temperature: NP-F 9100 can be used for continuous operating temperature up to 100°C.

NextGen NP-F 9100 series available in following types:

  • NP-F 9100FG – Fast Gel Fusion Bonded Epoxy for short diameter External Pipe Coating. (Technical Data)
  • NP-F 9100SG – Standard Gel Fusion Bonded Epoxy for large diameter External Pipe Coating. (Technical Data)
  • NP-F 9100LG – Long Gel Fusion Bonded Epoxy for extra large diameter External Pipe Coatings.

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