NextGen NP-F 9700RC is a thermosetting Fast Gel Fusion Bonded Epoxy Powder designed for corrosion protection of reinforcing steel. It’s applied to preheated steel which melts and cures to make a uniform coating surface. NP-F 9700RC provides excellent adhesion and corrosion protection on concrete reinforcing steel bars. It is based on specially selected Epoxy resins and hardeners formulated in order to meet the specifications related to the concrete reinforcing steel bar protection.

NP-F 9700RC series normally applied in the temperature range 230°C to 250°C from 150 to 300 microns. The powder cures with residual heat from the metal and provides optimal adhesion to the steel. It’s very reactive and can be applied at high application speed.

NextGen NP-F9700RC series available in following types:

  • NP-F9700RC – Faster Gel FBE for rebar coating. (Technical Data)
  • NP-F9701RC – Highly flexible FBE for wire mesh coating.

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