NextGen NP-F9600IC is a thermosetting Fusion Bonded Epoxy Powder designed for lining the internal surface of line pipes, tubes and fittings used for oil, gas, and water transportation. It can also be used without primer on nonproduction tubing such as valves and pumps. When applied over a Phenolic primer, it resist to waste water, corrosive soils, hydrocarbons and sea water. Powder can be applied electrostatically or by air-spray equipments

NP-F9600IC normally applied on preheated pipe in the temperature range 170°C to 200°C, and then Post Cure 200°C to 232°C for minimum of 30minutes depending upon the wall thickness and diameter of the line pipe.

Operating Temperature: NP-F9600IC is suitable for operation at continuous temperature up to 100°C.

NextGen NP-F9600IC series available in following types:

  • NP-F9600IC – Standard FBE for internal pipeline coatings with and without Phenolic Primer.
  • NP-F9601IC – Extra flow & chemical resistant internal pipeline coatings.
  • NP-F9602IC – High Tg internal pipeline coatings for high service temperature conditions.

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